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Steve DolanSteve Dolan's novels were published in 1979 and 1994. 

He is the author and developer of Superior Vocabulary, a tutorial and reference work for computer users.  He has recently completed two screenplays:  The Ingénue and The Protector's Sting.

Dolan is a graduate of the College of St. Thomas and a member of Mensa.  He is self-employed and lives in St. Paul.

Uses for Superior Vocabulary®

Superior Vocabulary can be used for reference, instruction, test preparation, or when English is a second language.  It has 5,300 examples of usage for advanced-level vocabulary words, with synonyms placed next to the featured words.  The compact disc is on Windows and Macintosh, and is programmed so that teachers can make 413-page printouts for only the cost of the paper.

It is suggested that students be shown the examples in a range of five to fifteen vocabulary words.  After questions are answered and it is apparent that comprehension has been realized, the students then should be asked to write their own examples of usage.  When this procedure has been used in several classes, the teacher may wish to assign the writing of essays for the purpose of incorporating the newly acquired words into a story.